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List of Child Grooming Incidents in News Reports

DISCLAIMER: This article may be very disturbing for some readers, as it discusses child sexual abuse. Be warned.

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

Saint Paul the Apostle (Ephesians 5.11 ESV).

“Groomer” is a term being used to call out sexual manipulation of children by authorities, particularly in schools. For those unaware ‘grooming’ in this context refers to (as defined by the United Kingdom’s NSPCC) “when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them“. Since this sexual manipulation sometimes goes hand-in-hand with left-wing political agendas, large media outlets like to accuse the calling out of grooming as ‘hate’; for example NBC News published ‘LGBTQ people face ‘groomer’ accusations and trolling as culture war rages on’ (NBC News, 19 Apr. 2022). Around July 2022, websites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit had started censoring use of the word, as reported by Los Angeles Blade (22 Jul. 2022). Wikipedia, a supposed “unbiased” source, has an article titled “LGBT Grooming Conspiracy Theory”.

To verify that this is happening, and to counter well-poisoning tactics like calling it a canard, I decided to put together a list of grooming incidents with citations from mainstream and/or reputable news outlets (I’ll put the more neutral ones higher on article lists; if I couldn’t find a neutral source I just used a biased one I still felt wasn’t lying). You, the reader, are always free to (and encouraged to) check the sources yourself to see if they are real. To clarify when I say ‘grooming’ I don’t mean simply exposing kids to the concept of sexuality through sex ed classes, nor do I mean telling them LGBT+ people exist – those aren’t grooming. I also don’t mean LGBT+ teachers ‘coming out’ to their students – that’s also not grooming. I am talking specifically about actual incidents in which teachers or other authority figures cause or encourage children to engage in sexual acts or to make choices regarding their sexualities. I will link to these articles and let readers come to their own conclusions. This isn’t to promote hate towards LGBT people, but rather to expose wrongdoing regardless of the sexuality of the offender.

This list will be updated as I learn more information. Incidents are sorted chronologically based on when they happened. Without further ado, here is the list:

Sex Survey For Idaho 9-year-olds

Daughter Was ‘Coached’ Into Transgenderism at California School

California School Hides Transitions From Parents

Asking Parents About Erection & Ejaculation, Australian Parliament Discussion

Colorado Teacher Grooms 12-year-old, Tells Her To Lie To Parents

Pornographic School Assignments In Las Vegas (Clark County), Nevada

British Columbia Kindergarten Masturbation

‘Kink, BDSM, Trans Sex’ Conference in Philadelphia Schools

“My Body Is Growing”, Graphic Sex Book For 4-year-olds

Inviting Children to Queer Sex Shop

Boys In Girls’ Rooms in Olentangy, Ohio

The Family Sex Show

Maryland Schools Stop Parents From Learning About Kids’ Transitions

‘Queer All School Year’ Recruitments At LA School

Nebraska Republicans Post Pictures From Book That’ In School Libraries; Democrats Accuse Them Of Posting Child Porn

“This Book Is Gay”; Pornographic Material For 7th-Graders

Masturbation Reading Assignment in James Logan High School, California

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